>My one true love….


Throughout the years, my love for fine fabrics has not diminished!
And when I say fine fabrics, I mean really fabulous-OMG-you gotta feel this-kinda fabric!
My relationship with fabric is a long and rocky one….
it’s been deserted in a closet for years…it’s still there when I come…
It’s been washed and hung out to dry…it’s still fabulous years later….
I pet it and put it back and it still loves me …
Is there a point to this you ask? Oh yeah…
Opened my mail box and there it was….the envelope that always makes me gasp…
Now I go way back with this fabric supplier…too many years to tell….
The service and shipping speed is always exemplary…but the fabrics…OMG…the fabrics are what makes this man my hero!  (Not affiliated, yada, yada…)
Cashmere and silks and Italian wools, I want them all!
Check out his website, but don’t hesitate to get swatches, these are fabrics you have to FEEL to believe!
(Tell them you heard it from Brenda in GA, he’ll get a kick out of that!)
Anyone who sews will know that using high quality fabrics makes all the difference.
Even as a beginner, the best fabrics still yield wearable, fantastic garments.
Sooooo…after drooling over Beatrix Ost’s clothes…
and my love affair with Eileen Fisher’s garment line…
I want all of these new fabrics!  Waaaaaa….
Can’t of course…but maybe I can pick just one?

>The Melinda Fingerless Double Ruffle Gloves


I’m in love with these gloves! They were so much fun to design and make. There will be lots of these in my closet this winter!
I’m linking to my favorite Monday blog party!
A customer requested a pair of these to go with the lace leggings I offer and I loved them so much I’m offering them in the shop too!
Made from the same stretch lace as my leggings, you can have these in cream or lilac.
3/4 length, they can be scrunched down for a shorter look. The thumb opening is reinforced for stability and because it’s prettier than just leaving the serger seam. (My picky Mom would be proud!)
Soft ruffle on the hand and at the top, these are wearable all year.



Seldom do I like a blog enough, to blog about a blog (??) However…this is FABULOUS!

I want this outfit….her shoes…the gloves…and her skinny figure!

Check out the whole post on Advanced Style!

Beatrix Ost


>The epiphany moments that I’ve forgotten…


a (1) : a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something (2) : an intuitive grasp of reality through something (as an event) usually simple and striking (3) : an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure.
Everyone that’s been reading my blog, knows of my love affair with Eileen Fisher and Melinda clothing on “Ghost Whisperer”. What?  You haven’t been reading? I knew someone was missing!
Since I’ve been adding Fisher/Melinda inspired clothing to my closet, I’ve discovered several things…..
One…my garments do not resemble either one of these ladies! 
I start out that way, but in the end, the garment has a mind of it’s own.
Who am I to argue with creative vision?

Two…while I ADORE everything Melinda wears….I DON’T like it on me!
ghost-whisperer Nanette Lepore Darjeeling Dress in Plum
And three….as I pondering why EF clothing appeals to me so much…it occured to me that
she doesn’t have any prints in her line….
    So…the light bulb went off…I don’t wear prints!
    Yeah, yeah I’ve always known this, but it’s something I just don’t give a lot of thought too….
    Like turning the lights off on your way out of the room…
    They either make me feel like “Dale the Whale” or a moving flower garden, 
    which is NOT a pretty sight on a 50 year old woman! Shudder….
    Looked in my closet and everything is solid, tie dyed or textured, but no flowers.
    So there was the “Ah ha” moment of why EF’s clothing is so appealing to me!
    I’m a solid kinda gal…boring?  With my love of color?
    I don’t THINK so!

>I swear…by I-Dye!


Don’t forget it’s Pink Saturday!  One of my favorite link ups!

How Sweet the Sound 

Don’t you just love creative days that turn out fabulous?

I’ve always used Dylon cold water dye with great results.
So of course I had to try the new I-Dye for polyester.

I loved the color so much (violet) that I just kept putting garments and fabrics
in the pot and this is what came out!

A pair of my cream lace leggings….it was difficult to capture the vividness of this color!
These are poly or nylon, I can’t believe how well they took the dye. Amazing.

I grabbed a cream sweater that I’ve had for a year and never worn…..and I will be wearing this tonight!

Some vintage cream satin….turned out a gorgeous soft tie dyed purple (ish) color.

Did someone say Roses???
And last but not least, a silk cashmere shawl that I’ve cut into skinny scarves and I’m going to embellish with sequins and beads……

And I’ll be keeping ALL these for MY closet!
  So this will count as my Brenda’s Closet Thursday edition too!

Obviously I don’t wear a lot of boring colors….♥

>Brenda’s Closet – Racer back linen tunic


I’m only a day late for my Thursday edition of Brenda’s Closet! Not too bad…
But in time link with Beverly’s Pink Saturday! One of my favorite blog party’s!
So much pink…so much to see…

I did make this on Wednesday getting ready for the Thursday post….and I HATED IT!
I was having one of those nothing turns out right days…sigh….so just shut the door and gave up.
Went back into the sewing room yesterday after mulling it over, made a few changes and now…
I love it!  Go figure…
Again, this was supposed to be something Eileen Fisher-ish that Melinda on Ghost Whisperer would wear…
and once again it just screams I’M BRENDA’S!
So let’s just face facts here! I obviously have my own style and that’s just what it going to look like!
I started with a simple racer back pattern from McCalls….lengthened it…didn’t like it…OMG…I looked like a tie dyed grandmother in it….changed the neckline, added some aysemmetrical pleating…over dyed the linen with fushia and black Dylon cold water dye and viola’!
Done!  Too cute over a tank and leggings for summer.
Tee shirt and jeans in the winter.

>Threads Magazines for SALE!


I’m clearing out the sewing room! If you’re interested in back issues of Threads, I’ve listed them on the Artisan Square Sewing Site.

I’m clearing out my sewing room!  Anybody wants some Threads Magazines, I have the following for sale. 2.50 each, plus shipping. If you want them all or a lot..make me an offer!
  Post and then send me a private message and I’ll mark them off as they sell. Thanks y’all!   Grin


68  Jan 1997

73  November 1997

74 Jan 1998

76  May 1998

77  July 1998

78  Sept 1998

79  Nov 1998

80  Jan 1999



86 Jan 2000



91  November 2000

95  July 2001



98  January 2002

99  March 2002

100th issue  May 2002





105  March 2003




109  Nov 2003  (two of these)






117 March 2005

121  Nov 2005

129  March  2007





134  Jan 2008



138  Aug/Sept 2008

141  March 2009

And Sew Stylish

#3  Winter 2007

#4 Spring 2008